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Jukic&Kotrulja against Vranes!! KK.Split-Jolly JBS 97:79

On the first game of the A-1 Croatian championship 2015/16, Onlybasket agency is proud to annonce that on the court was 3 players of the agency ( Josip Jukic, Luka Kotrulja and Ivan Vranes ). Jukic (19), Kotrulja (17) started the game for Split and the beginning for those young players was great start. Vranes (19) due to the transfer in the last moment from KK. Zadar to Jolly JBS came out from the bench and in the first touch with the ball maid the NBA dunk which you dont see much in A-1.

Jukic was the dominate center in the game, great job in defense, strong blocks and in offense confident.

2o min, 10 pts (3/5 for 2pts, 4/4 ftw), 2 ast.

Kotrulja was the main man in the start of the game, we could see his great impromevent during the summer time working individually, we are talking here about a 17 year old boy but his game is so mature and he got the moves.

20 min, 10 pts (2/2 for 2pts, 2/4 for 3pts ), 1 reb, 1 ast.

Vranes delivered a very good game and for sure with more time with his new team Jolly JBS his numbers will go higher. We could see that Vranes will be reinforcement.

26 min, 11 pts (4/8 for 2pts, 3/4 ftw), 6 reb, 2 ast, 1 block.

For those young players is great opportunity to have their playing time in their teams and they give it back with great performance.

Zabok – KK. Split on 10.10.2015

Jolly JBS – KK. Zagreb on 10.10.2015

Onlybasket agency wish you good luck Jukic, Kotrulja, Vranes!!