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Toni Vitali

Toni Vitali
Power Forward
204 cm, 96 kg
Boras, Sweden

Toni Vitali is MVP 2014/2015 of Croatian championship with impressive stats. Toni is one of the most talented 4 men in Croatia. Runs well the court, passes the ball well. A great athlete and very coordinated for his size.Because of his good jumping ability and wingspan, he is a big threat as a shot blocker. Has skills, can handle the ball, even at high speed on fast breaks and possesses a good shooting range. Has a good three-point shot with a soft touch. Thanks to his very quick first step, he has effective one-on-one moves from the perimeter. Agile and dynamic, goes well to the offensive boards.
A 4 who is very intense and an agressive scorer.Toni is a very versatile player being able to play on both ends of the floor. His “do whatever it takes” attitude and ability to guard any position on the floor makes him an asset on any team. He has great basketball intelligence and is able to read the game quite well. He plays to win and leads by example. He’s a leader.

ORANGE #22  34min, 22pts(61%), 8reb, 2ass, 1st, 1blk.

MVP of Croatian championship 2014/2015 (first in 4 categories index,rebound def&off and blocks), ALL STAR player.